so y did the anons stop givin out boobs??

I find them to be largely overrated.

yea cause u dont want them

are anons handin out boobs

i want some



bb get some water

Water hurts my throat and doesn’t seem to have much effect. I may need to go to the doctor.

But right now I’m building a laser harness for my chest.

oh sweet what are u gonna use it for


D —> After attempting to reduce the surplus of candy in this hive
D —> I stayed inside and waited for the pain to cease

o no that sounds awful :( r u ok??

D —> Adequate

wat did u do??

uh. i can’t really remember it, but there was a lot of kissing involved.

omg that sounds awesom

i did a lot of kissin 2 which i can safely say w/o gettin a look from janey cause shes not here


reply 2 this by tellin me how ur new years was :3

sparklin grape juice > sparklin apple juice imo


happy new year evry1!!

i had a fuckin awesom night last night w/ so much sparklin grape juice i cnat even deal lol

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